Museum and Entertainment Customer Quotes

“ There are huge areas of science that are too big, too small, too fast or too slow. Snibbe’s work lets museum visitors enter these inaccessible realms in new and more immersive ways than ever before.”
The Exploratorium, San Francisco
“Your work stands far out from anything I have encountered.”
Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg, Germany
“Working with Scott and his team is a pleasure. He is thoughtful, imaginative, responsive, and kind. The two pieces that we commissioned from him for the Connections exhibition were very challenging and he persisted until they worked both operationally and educationally. I hope we have opportunities to work together in the future.”
New York Hall of Science
“Snibbe Interactive does amazing work – they’ve got a great team filled with talented and very passionate people.”
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago

Partial Client List

Science and History Museum

Museum of Science and Industry (Chicago)

California Science Center (Los Angeles)

California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)

Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie (Paris)

Connecticut Science Center (Hartford, Connecticut)

The Exploratorium (San Francisco)

The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia)

London Science Museum (UK)

Phaeno Science Center (Wolfsburg, Germany)

Science Museum of Minnesota (St. Paul, Minnesota)

New York Hall of Science Science Centre Nemo (Netherlands)

NDMI (Thailand)

Technorama (Switzerland)

Papalote (Mexico)

Denver Museum of Nature and Science (Colorado)

The Tech Museum (San Jose, California)


Exhibit Design Firms

Thinc Design (New York)

Cinnabar (Los Angeles)

Jeff Kennedy and Associates (Boston)

Thinkwell Design and Production (Burbank, California)

Ansel and Associates (San Francisco)

Lucie Lom (Angers, France)

Academy Studios (Novato, California)

Gensler (USA)



MGM Consumer Entertainment (Los Angeles)

Atlantic City Piers (Las Vegas)

Brand Experience Lab (New York)

Reflectur (San Francisco)