Tradeshow and Event Customer Quotes

“Snibbe’s interactive floor holds dozens of visitors at a time while they wait for other experiences. It’s been one of the most popular, most reliable, and easiest to maintain exhibits at the Wondertechnology Lab in Sony’s New York headquarters.”
Sony Wonder Technology Lab and Sony Plaza
“Its been great, its been great for Yahoo. And its been great for people to see a new form of expression – and a new form of art – where they are part of something that’s left.”
Yahoo! Corporation
“Snibbe Interactive is genius! The event was a huge success and we've heard nothing but positive feedback. The team you had onsite was wonderful and perfect for the event. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”
Dominic Phillips Event Marketing
“It has been such a joy and a pleasure working with all of you. I am a huge Snibbe Interactive fan and will tell anyone I meet all about the amazing people you have on your team and the creative genius that makes up your immersive experiences.”
Digital Services, Partners + Simons

Partial Client List

Beijing 2008 Olympics (China)

Reitan Group (Norway)

Yahoo! (California)

British Telecom (UK)

Twist Studios (California)

Thinkwell Design and Production (California)

SONY (New York)

Reflectur (San Francisco)

Expology (Norway)

Brand Experience Lab (New York)