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Gravilux App Cruises onto Windows 8 @ Microsoft Windows Store

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Care to draw some stars, twist them into galaxies, then explode them like supernovas—all with just your fingertips?

Gravilux for Microsoft Windows 8: Interactive app

The Gravilux App from Scott Snibbe Studio and Snibbe Interactive is now available on Windows 8  for PCs and tablets. 

This launch joins the already available versions on Apple  and Android, fulfilling our cross-platform goals. This app allows multiple fingers and players to use gravity, and anti-gravity, to create a cosmic world full of multi-colored particles in all shapes and sizes.  There will be a second version released in December that will jam along to your favorite musical tracks.

Grant Stevens (Business Development) and Zheng Yang (Immersive Media Engineer) were fortunate enough to show off this app during a boat cruise in Seattle. Thrown in conjunction with the 2012 Build Conference it was a fun party with many of Microsoft’s top app developers demonstrating their products for Windows 8. Gravilux is popular as an app and installation as we previously made an appearance with Gravilux at the Calvin Klein fashion show in Seoul.

We’re excited to see where this app and future apps will take us next!

For more information on how you can impress party guests with Gravilux, click here.

Information the Interactive Way @ The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

Monday, October 8th, 2012

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

However, this is information we are allowed to leak!  Snibbe Interactive is thrilled to showcase our latest permanent installation in the La Concha Motel Lobby of the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, opening on October 27th. The exhibit features two large interactive kiosks with LCD monitors, displaying our InfoTiles technology with hand-tracking capabilities. Visitors gesture with their hands to move a selector box and choose a tile on screen.  The tile flips over to reveal information about the Neon Museum in the form of text, images, or video.  This experience keeps visitors entertained and engaged as they interact with various tiles to learn more.

The Neon Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving iconic Las Vegas neon signs. They have collected over 150 signs that date back to the 1930s. This museum project has been in the works for the last 15 years and everyone in town is excited to finally reveal this historic and cultural landmark to the world. Tours and ticket information can be found here.

For more information on how to brighten up your space with an InfoTiles kiosk, click here.

Interactive Window Display Revealed @ East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

Friday, September 28th, 2012

Snibbe Interactive's Creative Director Graham Plumb @ East Bay Center for the Performing Arts

Snibbe Interactive puts on its dancing shoes this Saturday, September 29th for the debut of our latest permanent interactive installation at East Bay Center for Performing Arts in Richmond, about 16 miles Northeast of San Francisco.  The interactive comprises of four street-facing 42” LCD monitors displayed in the windows of the recently renovated Winters building.

Inspired, in part, by Scott Snibbe’s large scale video installation Transit, at LAX, this public art piece amps up the experience by adding an interactive element. “Our new piece at the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts is a kind of x-ray view into the heart of the center, showing people from the outside the kind of joy and play going on inside with music, dance, and performance. But more than that, it also draws passers-by into that play, with magical interactivity, taking a person’s movements and gestures, and sprouting ribbons that wind through the silhouette performances of the actual people who teach and learn there,” says Scott Snibbe, interactive artist and CEO.

This project is part of a larger vision by Richmond city officials and local organizations to socially engage the community and celebrate its diversity. Historically, Richmond, especially the Iron Triangle neighborhood where the Center lives, is known for high levels of poverty and violence. With the renovation of the Center and the addition of our interactive art piece, the city hopes to provide opportunities for the youth to explore their creativity and restore community pride to all residents. This effort has even caught the attention of the San Francisco Chronicle!

Close up of Performers in Interactive Display

The unveiling will happen at 6pm during the Richmond Arts in Motion street fair along MacDonald Ave. The street fair runs from 1-8pm and features dance and music performances, food trucks, and activities for kids.

For information on how to get your own groove on with an interactive display, click here.

From Tech-Geeks to Interactive Fashionistas @ Fashion Week with Saks Fifth Avenue

Friday, September 14th, 2012

Who says Fashion Week is just for New Yorkers? We here at Snibbe Interactive were able to participate all the way from San Francisco, putting our fashion face forward to create a socially immersive interactive retail display for the luxury retailer, Saks Fifth Avenue.  This interactive debuts on September 13th at Saks Fifth Avenue’s  flagship store in Manhattan, zip code 10022-SHOE to launch Saks’ largest women’s contemporary line, Vince.

The experience is a “Three of Me”  where there are several time-delayed shadows that trail behind the user. Each shadow represents a different texture. In this customized version for Saks, images of models in beautiful Vince clothing as well as scenic inspirations of LA and sunsets reveal themselves as users move in front of the camera. What makes this experience so immersive is that it encourages users to explore their curiosity by gesturing to discover why lies beneath.

This isn’t our first time interacting with the fashion world. We also made an appearance at the Calvin Klein Fashion Show in Seoul, Korea this past spring.

What we’ve learned is that fashion is a lot like interactive technology—engaging, innovative, entertaining, and oh-so-fabulous!

If you want a fashionable display at your retail location, please contact us!


Interactive Curiosity Rover Panorama brings Mars to Earth

Friday, August 31st, 2012

I am one of the true space probe fanatics who’ve been tracking the Mars Curiosity Rover’s progress since it was announced five years back. Eight months ago, when the Mars Science Laboratory launched on an Atlas V rocket, I marked my calendar for this summer’s landing. On August 5, I watched the unbelievable perfect touchdown on a laptop in bed, tears welling up in my eyes in sync with Mohawk Guy’s.

As I’ve obsessively downloaded each new image coming from the rover, I discovered a great lesson in interactivity worth sharing. People regularly ask me what’s the value of interactivity – what do interactive screens, walls, floors, and tables add to an experience above and beyond an ordinary picture or video? The two images below help to explain.

I found this first image on the NASA MSL page – a beautiful high-resolution panorama of the Curiosity Rover and its surrounding landscape. Obsessed to see as much as possible, I dug into the high-res version, and zoomed around with my browser to get a sense of what it’s like to be on Mars. It was cool, but my brain couldn’t quite figure out how to unwrap the weird warping that turned the rover into a long strip of metal across the bottom of the screen. The experience felt like examining photographic evidence than actually being there. It felt flat and dead.

With a “mars rover” Google alert that’s been in action for more than five years, I get a lot of extra information, and a French link stood out the next day: “Le site de Curiosity, au cratère Gale, en full panoramique!” The author had created a QuickTime VR of the same Mars scene. Now with an interactive display, I could magically look around, as if mounted on the rover’s camera, and zoom in and out too. The difference was astonishing – now I really felt as if I were looking through a window to Mars.

The lesson is clear: if you take the same picture data and drive the view based on one’s own decisions on where to look, all of a sudden it’s like you’re right there at Bradbury Landing. As humans, we interact with our surroundings, not stare at a picture of them. In its dynamic interactivity, this little web app, based on Apple’s technology from the early 1990s blows away even the highest-resolution images. All simply because you can interact.

Click on the picture above to experience it yourself. Scroll down to the second image on the page, press SHIFT and CONTROL to zoom in and out, and your arrows to control direction.

- Scott Snibbe



Interactive Haute Couture Dazzles at Calvin Klein Show in Seoul

Saturday, August 25th, 2012

Gravilux touch interface with wall projection. Photo courtesy of ©2012 Ju; JW Moon; Hyoseok

Last spring, The New Museum of Contemporary Art teamed up with Calvin Klein, Inc., to throw a stunning one-night-only bash of high fashion and interactive art mixed with glamorous celebrities on the rooftop of the iconic Seoul Station in Seoul, Korea. Scott Snibbe was one of three interactive artists commissioned to heighten the celebration which featured Calvin Klein’s new fall collection. A bright interactive wall made shooting stars that defy gravity was the best choice for interactive entertainment and we developed a custom installation (read: Interactive Haute Couture) which featured our Gravilux app.

Gravilux is played with on an iPad, iPhone or Android phone but for this event we projected a stunning interactive star field on a large wall surrounded by an exhibition Calvin Klein’s innovative and minimalist fall line.  Throughout the evening, guests could control the visuals via an interactive touch interface nearby.  Celebrities decked out in Calvin’s Klein clothing attended the show including Lara Stone, Chloë Moretz and actress Kate Bosworth, who wrote about it in the August issue of Vogue.

Calvin Klein model plays with Gravilux. Photo courtesy of ©2012 Ju; JW Moon; Hyoseok

Calvin Klein model plays with Gravilux. Photo courtesy of ©2012 Ju; JW Moon; Hyoseok

You can expect Snibbe Interactive to make another stylish appearance at an upcoming launch of a well known fashion house that will feature our socially immersive interactive retail display. We may be self defined interactive tech geeks but we dress up pretty nicely when asked.




Interactive Retail Display Spotted @ the Microsoft Worldwide Partners Conference

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Two members from our team, Alan Shimoide (Director of Engineering) and Grant Stevens (Sales and Strategic Development) were fortunate enough to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) in Toronto, Canada last month. This conference is held every year and brings together all of Microsoft’s partners around the globe to showcase innovative ways to use Microsoft technologies. Since we’re all about innovation here at Snibbe Interactive, we took this opportunity to demonstrate our award-winning SocialMirror Coke Kiosk and adjacent SocialShare component using the Kinect.

WPC is the only event of its kind, allowing companies from all over the world in various industries to cross paths and engage on an enterprise level. Alan and Grant rubbed elbows with top companies in advertising, education, and government as well as those in our own field.  Snibbe was one of the first companies to adapt the Kinect to commercial gestural exhibits and displays last year, and is a partner and distributor for the new, more powerful, Kinect for Windows SDK. We are a member of the Kinect for Windows Advisory Council, the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) initiative, and we are developing products using Microsoft’s PixelSense technology on the Samsung SUR40.

For more details about the event click here.

Give us a holler if you want to learn more!

Snibbe Interactive at the Olympic Village in London

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

We are a little jealous here at Snibbe Interactive as our award-winning Coke Pouring Interactive Kiosk is currently on-site at the 2012 London Olympic games, while we are all stuck here watching from home or the studio at an eight-hour time delay.

The kiosk is in the Coca-Cola Hospitality Center at Olympic Park where its largest partners and vendors are able to interact and send their experiences to the cloud via our SocialShare adjacent component. Players use their arms, hands, head, or legs (for those with Gabby Douglas flexibility) to collect and pour a stream of refreshing Coke into a clear glass.

Microsoft advertising and its relationship with Coca-Cola brought us this Olympic Branded Kiosk opportunity. We were selected because of our unique solution to utilize K4W, creating an interactive commercially branded experience for Coke Cola Bottling Consolidated Company and now for Coca-Cola Corporate.

Check out a video of how it works here!



The Communicator Awards Honors SocialMirror™ Kiosk TWICE!

Friday, May 11th, 2012

When Coke Cola Bottlers Consolidated Companies (CCBCC) came to us for a fun interactive game they could use for a promotional opportunity we brainstormed about how we could play with the soft drink in an imaginative way that was also mobile and completely plug and play. We decided on an interactive display to inspire a social game that gets people moving and uses your body to direct a virtual stream of Coke Cola into a glass. Coke Pouring Kiosk uses our SocialMirror™ technology in a simple game that invites open ended play and attracts attention. Shoppers can share their experience, via our SocialShare™ Kiosk to friends and families in their social networks.

The Communicator Awards in Corporate Imagery & Gaming

SocialMirror™ Coke Kiosk won two awards; one for Excellence in the Corporate Image Category, and another Award of Distinction in the Gaming Category.  The Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications so this is a nice complement. We are blushing… Thanks Communicator Awards!




The Creators Project in SF Features Scott Snibbe

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

This weekend creativity, art and technology abound at San Francisco’s Fort Mason Center where The Creators Project is jumping off. Showcasing a variety of music, film and art installations the event also hosts various artist talks, panel discussions, and creative workshops. And of course, Snibbe Interactive’s founder Scott Snibbe is presenting! In fact, both on Saturday and Sunday you can find him speaking at the following sessions:

On Saturday March 17, 2012


5:30 PM

Designing Platforms and Experiences for Creativity
with Scott Snibbe, Mary Fagot and StumbleUpon.

Summary: Today’s social web makes the process of sharing, discovering and combining ideas easier than ever before, resulting in a vast influx of creative output that’s fueling in- novation at an unprecedented rate. Artists are taking to web platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to create dynamic experiences that promote self-expression and creativity and engage their fanbase in new and interesting ways. Meanwhile, the people behind today’s top social platforms are designing tools that optimize the process of sharing and discovering information and facilitating inspiration.

On Sunday March 18, 2012


2 PM
Exploring Björk’s Biophilia Mobile App (ARTIST TALK + WORKSHOP)
with Scott Snibbe and Max Weisel

Summary: In October of 2011 Björk released Biophilia, the world’s first “app album,” in collaboration with a vast, multi-disciplinary team of designers and developers that included Scott Snibbe and Max Weisel. Conceived as a suite of 10 song-specific apps, each app links music composition and scientific concepts in a set of hands-on, immersive audiovisual experiences. The developers behind the project will talk about their work and lead a hands-on exploration of the Biophilia apps.

You can read Scott’s interview here from The Creators Project in NYC where he presented in February. But better yet, get down to Fort Mason this weekend! He speaks on Saturday (RSVP needed) and again on Sunday (no RSVP required!).

Snibbe Interactive's Scott Snibbe & Hugo Vereker @ TCP with The Hundred In The Hands performing