Gravilux App Cruises onto Windows 8 @ Microsoft Windows Store

Care to draw some stars, twist them into galaxies, then explode them like supernovas—all with just your fingertips?

Gravilux for Microsoft Windows 8: Interactive app

The Gravilux App from Scott Snibbe Studio and Snibbe Interactive is now available on Windows 8  for PCs and tablets. 

This launch joins the already available versions on Apple  and Android, fulfilling our cross-platform goals. This app allows multiple fingers and players to use gravity, and anti-gravity, to create a cosmic world full of multi-colored particles in all shapes and sizes.  There will be a second version released in December that will jam along to your favorite musical tracks.

Grant Stevens (Business Development) and Zheng Yang (Immersive Media Engineer) were fortunate enough to show off this app during a boat cruise in Seattle. Thrown in conjunction with the 2012 Build Conference it was a fun party with many of Microsoft’s top app developers demonstrating their products for Windows 8. Gravilux is popular as an app and installation as we previously made an appearance with Gravilux at the Calvin Klein fashion show in Seoul.

We’re excited to see where this app and future apps will take us next!

For more information on how you can impress party guests with Gravilux, click here.

3 Responses to “Gravilux App Cruises onto Windows 8 @ Microsoft Windows Store”

  1. Marcel Jeltema says:

    Lol. Someone’s been in the pub all day.

  2. Rhys says:

    Awesome! Combines my favorite Linux active screen saver from the 90′s with something like the Tesla Toy for iPad. Now PLEASE, port this to Kinect! There is nothing fun for Kinect, this at a party on the big screen to music would be the best app ever.

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Rhys, we agree! Watch for a new app release this summer using the Leap Motion Senser. Perfect party experience with music visualizer.

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