Graham Plumb on Interactivity @ DNA Conference in LA

Our Creative Director, Graham Plumb, spoke at the Digital Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Association (DNA) conference in Los Angeles earlier this month. His panel titled “Maximizing Social Media in Leisure Facilities” highlighted the strategies to maximize social media in entertainment locations, such as amusement parks, hotels, and shopping malls.  Graham drew upon Scott Snibbe’s paper, “Social Immersive Media” (CHI, 2009) to discuss the design principals that create successful immersive experiences.

Interactive Digital Strategy using Snibbe Interactive's SocialShare Kiosk

A perfect example of maximizing social media to share a physical experience is our Social Share Platform. It allows users to share a video of their interactive experience with their online networks.

At the DNA conference we revealed a strategy becoming strong with our top clients, the “360 Degree” approach that takes into account the user engagement before, during, and after people are onsite, by leveraging apps and social media that draw people in, and then engage them later. With the 360 Degree approach, engagement becomes less about the technology used in the interaction and more about story and relationships. In an age where we can all take out our mobile devices and instantly connect, it is more vital than ever that the interaction is meaningful and relevant.

For more information on how to connect with our Social Share Platform, click here.

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