Snibbe Interactive and Björk’s Biophilia

Snibbe Interactive is proud to announce our production of interactive multimedia and concert visuals for Björk’s new Biophilia tour. The Biophilia live show has its world premiere as part of the Manchester International Festival, with Björk’s first live concert performance in nearly four years. Björk continues performances at Manchester through July 15, and then goes on to a three-year world tour of six-week residencies in eight different cities. In each city Björk will perform Biophilia twice a week, using interactive apps to play live a set of custom built musical instruments.

The video and stage visuals produced by Snibbe Interactive evoke an atmosphere similar to being inside an app itself, with eight screens mounted surrounding a central stage. The immersive concert environment also includes floor projections with cymatics imagery of vibrating sand; a collapsing galactic “reverse big bang” that envelops Björk; a 24-woman Icelandic choir; and famed percussionist Manu Delago. Live imagery from interactive iPad apps, and music and instrument control from these apps, blend seamlessly with the stage performance. In addition to original animation and video, Snibbe worked with several brilliant animators including MacArthur award-winning bioanimator Drew Berry, abstract animator Stephen Malinowski, and cymatics artist Meara O’Reilly.

In Manchester and subsequent locations, the venues also host a series of music-education workshops in collaboration with local schools to emphasize Björk’s integrated vision for Biophilia of Music, Technology and Nature.

Press release from Nonesuch Records

Björk at the Manchester International Festival

New York Times review of Biophilia by Jon Pareles


Bjork photographed in Manchester on 23 June 2011. Photo by: Carsten Windhorst / /
Björk beneath Drew Berry’s Hollow animation



Icelandic Choir performs under Stephen Malinowski’s animated score

Björk in her amazing spliced mini-dress/evening gown with Scott Snibbe at rehearsals

All photos by Carsten Windhorst/Press

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